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B L U E    P E R I O D

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Contemplation II -oil on linen 107x61 $3,500 framed

Contemplation  -oil on linen 107x61  $3,500 framed

Resurrection oil on linen 72x152 $4,000 framed

Consolement -oil on linen 46x56 SOLD

Do not presume that what you see will be -oil on linen  71x84 SOLD

Repose -oil on linen 91x56  $2,900

Contemplative Reflection -oil on linen 112x91  $4,500

Repose II -oil on linen 91x56 SOLD

Magnolias -oil on linen 76x61  $2,200 framed

In Thought -oil on linen 97x46 SOLD

Entwined -oil on linen 122x72  $3,000 framed

Directional Path -oil on linen 76x112 SOLD

Elated -oil on linen 137x62  $3,000 framed

Horizons -oil on linen 72x152 SOLD

Breaking Through Barriers -oil on linen 183x76  $3,500 framed

Embrace II -oil on linen 112x168 SOLD

Cautionary -oil on linen 168x84  $3,500 framed

Comfort Zone -oil on linen 76x81 SOLD

Seeking Redemption -oil on linen 91x51

Arm -oil on linen 106x41 SOLD

Roses are Red -oil on linen 122x76 SOLD

Indecision -oil on linen 5 panels 167x35each $7,500

Encaged -oil on linen 137x84 SOLD